POKKEN TOURNAMENT (Teens React: Gaming)

♪ (old-school video game music) ♪ – (Katie) Today, you’ll be playing this. – “Pokken Tournament.” I’ve never actually played this one. I’m very excited. – I’ve never played a Pokémon game in my life. I only know this cute, little yellow guy.

– I only played the really old Pokémon games, so this might be cool to see them animated so differently. – I heard about this game. Isn’t it like Pokémon but you’re fighting like Street Fighter kinda? – I have not played it, but I’ve seen gameplays of it. It’s like the Mortal Kombat of Pokémon. – [Bleep] yeah!!!

Let’s [bleep] go! I haven’t played it, but I’ve seen plenty of gameplay. – Let’s go, baby! Pokémon, all right. (off screen) Oh my goodness. This hype.

Let’s get it. I’m turnt right now. – (Katie) Pokken Tournament is an arcade fighting game starring Pokémon, and you’ll be playing it against another Reactor.

– I’m gonna do so bad. – I don’t wanna lose! This time, I hope I win.

– I’m excited. I’m pumped. I’m gonna suck, but this is gonna be great. ♪ (adventure music) ♪ (flames burst) – (Katie) For this game, Ethan, you’ll be using the gamepad.

and Bryson, you’ll be using the controller, looking at the TV. – Is it not the exact same thing? – (Katie) Each will show your character’s view. – Really? – I chose Blaziken.

From what I’ve seen, Blaziken’s probably the most broken character right now. – Garchomp, because he’s a big shark guy. – (Katie) Before we start, just take a moment to look over the controls. – Here we go. Oh my god, this has so many controls. Let’s do it.

– All right. – (announcer) Round One: Fight! – All right, come here!

Raarrr! (power burst) Whoa! What was that? – A phase shift. – Uh, uh, uh, uh.

Crap. (smashing ground) (Garchomp snarls) Take that, take that, take that! Oh, that hurt.

All right, all right. I’m getting away from you. No, leave me alone! (bursts of energy) – I’m trying to figure out combos, and this isn’t working entirely as I planned. – Ooh!

What was that? I picked him up. I threw him. (chimes) (Blaziken groans) – Oh shit, all right. – (announcer) Round Two: Fight!

– All right, let’s go. Under the ground again. Damn, that always works.

– I don’t know what the [bleep] I’m doing. Okay. – Ugh! – The range ability versus– the different types of range abilities.

(Blaziken yelps) – I’m spinning and it’s working. (Blaziken yelps) Spin to win! Spin to win! – Okay, that’s what I’ll do from now on.

(powering up) – Whoa! I just got bigger or something. – Mega- wait, what? – Oh, okay.

Now we’re both Mega. Come here! Shoot. All right, that was close. Tie-breaker!

– I’m still trying to figure out what the [bleep] I’m doing. – (announcer) Final Round: Fight! (powering up) – What was that? No!

(Garchomp snarls) Ooh! Ooh! Ooh!

Ooh! Ooh! – I don’t know what I’m doing.

– I’m about to win. I’m about to win. (Garchomp growls) Ooh! Nope! – (announcer) Great! – There we go.

(Blaziken groans) (Bryson exhales) Spin it to win, that’s what I did. – I’d never played the game before. – That means I’m the champion. – All right, whatever. ♪ (adventure music) ♪ (flames burst) – Are you into Pokémon at all? – I’m into Pokémon, so I’m gonna pick my boy Charizard.

– Suicune, that’s a water type. Fire is weak against water. – (announcer) Round One: Fight! – Oh my gosh! (Charizard grunts) This is so fun to play.

– Oh shit. (Charizard growls) Oh! Oh, you see that? (Charizard growls) – It’s just like Pokémon jumping around. – I can do a spinning sidekick?

This is more like… It’s like an MMA game. All right– oh shit. That’s cold. That’s cold. I’m being legendary in its own right.

Oh shit, let her die. (both Pokémon snarl) – Oh my gosh! – Oh! Oh shit! – What is that? Oh my gosh.

Mega Charizard? – I just did something. I just did something really awesome. – A Mega charizard. (Suicune powers up) – Dang, this game. Oh, Jesus Christ.

– Oh my gosh! – Oh– it’s called “excellence”. – You fricking Mega evolved and killed me. Oh, you barely won. – What do you mean? I just destroyed you.

– No, barely! (laughing) – This a bunch of cool graphics though, to be honest. – Um… (babbling). (chimes) (Charizard groans) (bashing ground) – Can I just spam this move? All right, sorry, I’m about to win. – I’m trying to come back.

I’m trying to come back. Come back. Come back. – There we go. – All right, whatever. – Woo!

– I’m just gonna raise her confidence a little bit and then crush her. Chillin’, relaxed. – (chuckling) (both Pokémon growl) (Suicine shrieks) – Oh shit. What was that? – Fricking I don’t know. I got super speed now.

(Charizard snarls) Oh my god! You Mega evolved. Get out of here. Oh my– – Oh, dude, look at that. Oh, what am I doing?

– You threw me in, like, midair. – Oh, Jesus Christ. Look at that.

– All right, I’m about to die. (blows exchanged) Oh my gosh! What?! All right.

Now I’m dead. (Charizard growls) – (announcer) Great! – Dang. – Dude, what happened? Damn, that was definitely not the Water Tribe winning there. Told you, man.

I’m a real Pokémon fan. I had to put the fandom on my back. ♪ (action music) ♪ (flames burst) – I’m choosing Garchomp.

– This is the one I liked first that I saw first. How do I pick it? I’m picking it because I like the colors. – (announcer) Round One: Fight! (Pokémon snarl) – Definitely already dying. I thought I knew the controls better than this and I definitely don’t.

(Garchomp growls) – Why did–? (sighs) This is very confusing for me. I’m, like, freezing in midair.

I don’t get this. Why am I not doing things? Or I feel like, “Am I?” and I don’t understand that I am. – You’re doing good, actually.

Hoo! Hoo! Hoo! – (announcer) Fight!

(Garchomp growls) – Oh my god! I hate playing video games. I honestly hate them so much. And I’m a sore loser, so that does not make anything easier.

(Suicune groans) Why is she not doing anything?! – Ah, yeah! – Oh, I’ll be a good sport.

– I’ll win it for you. ♪ (adventure music) ♪ (flames burst) – What the–? – Is his name “Charizard”? – Yeah. – I’m gonna choose him ’cause I like dinosaurs.

– Is Pikachu– (cracking up) – (laughing along) – [Inaudible] Pikachu? – He’s cute. – All right, he does have the head mask. – Yeah! – (announcer) Round One: Fight!

– Girl, we goin’. (Charizard growls) – Nah! (muttering) I might be tiny, but I’m goin’ hard, all right? (Pikachu squeaks) (Pikachu yelps) Oh! (cocky giggle) – What the hell is going on?! – You did something that was helpful for you, actually.

– You see, now, that’s how you know I… – Oh, what the [bleep]? – (announcer) Cool! – Cool?!

Wait, did I just lose? – (announcer) Fight! (Charizard growls) – No, no. – Oh Lord!

I’m mad now. What’s going on? Oh, now you’re mad! – We’re both– oh my god!

– I’m so gonna be– why do we just keep playing on the corner? (protesting) – (Pikachu) Pika! Pika! – No! No, I’m so tiny!

(Pikachu screams) I have to prove my worth– – Tiny but mighty. – I gotta prove that I can– no! – Dude, I’m giving you support. – No, I just died.

What are you talking about, giving me support? – It was nice– – Yeah, I know! ♪ (adventure music) ♪ (flames burst) – Semi-finals, baby.

– Woo! – Let’s go. – Garchomp worked on me perfectly last time.

– New-school. Blaziken. – Blaziken, ooh! – (announcer) Round One: Fight!

– Oh, dude– oh, wow, I’m fast on my feet. Oh, Jesus. Oh shit. (Blaziken groans) Okay, I’m getting my ass kicked. (Blaziken groans) – Yes!

Okay, right now I am pinning him up on the wall because I can. (Blaziken groans) And now I’m gonna do that. – Oh. – And then… (Garchomp grunts) – Oh, that was nice. – Oh, wait.

I’ma end with a… – (announcer) Great! – Oh shit. – Bam!

Woo! (blows palms) – You blitzed me, man. You rushed me against a wall. – He ate one of these.

– All right, what’s the new strategy? Okay, I got him– oh shit. (Garchomp groans) – Okay! – All right, right now.

Okay, he just hit some power mode. I’m gonna start countering. See that? Like a sidekick to the head.

Boom, uppercut to the head. – Whoa, okay! Okay. – And hit him with that knock out. – (announcer) Fight! – Oh shit.

(powering up) – Lets go! – (laughing) Oh shit! What? (Blaziken groans) – Let’s go-ho-ho! (fervent clapping) – What?

– Yes! I want to watch it right here. (digging through earth) Wait for it, wait for it. Get all that damage up. Get all that damage up.

– I’m like half dead already. (Blaziken groans) – Okay, okay, okay. Pin him on the wall. – Oh. I’m gonna die. Ah, shit.

(Garchomp growls) Ah, ah no. – (announcer) Great! – Right there with the dig. That’s how you play! That’s how you win!

♪ (adventure music) ♪ (flames burst) – Charizard. – I’m gonna be… I’m gonna be Machamp because he’s buff. He has four arms.

– (announcer) Round One– – Stop! I’m nervous. – All right, I’m throwing punches. Oh shit! Okay.

Oh my god. And then… ooh, okay. (Charizard snarls) Damn, you’re messing me up. – I don’t think I am, but okay! – No, go away!

– Go! – Damn, oh my god. – Y, B, Y, B. – Y, B.

(Charizard groans) – Hey, you can’t just… Did I win? – You didn’t– I didn’t [bleep] hurt you at all. – (announcer) Round Two: Fight! – No! – Come here, come here.

– No! (both Pokémon snarl) – What is that? What is that?

– I’m mad! – No, you’re mad? You turned black. What’s happening?

Oh my god. You’re [bleep] destroying me. Stop!

How do you do that? (Machamp grunts) Okay, there we go. – It’s called the power of Jesus Christ. – (laughing) – There’s nothing else doing… (laughing) – No-ho!

What is phase shift? What does that mean? (Charizard snarls) – WHOAAAAAAA!!! That was a late reaction! – Good competition?

– Okay, I’m sorry. – We’re good friends, so it’s okay. – Yeah, exactly. (laughing) ♪ (adventure music) ♪ (flames burst) – How did Kaelyn get here?

– I don’t know myself! – I’m sorry, but how?! – I feel great to just be here, honestly.

I chose the dragon again ’cause– – Charizard versus Charizard. I chose Garchomp. – (announcer) Round One: Fight! – Oh, I’m nervous.

(Garchomp snarls) – Let’s go! – What?! Hey, this isn’t fair. – Whoa, okay, okay. Oh, whoa!

Whoa, she got with the grab too? (Charizard growls) Dang! Okay, calm down. – You– (laughing) – Okay, calm down. – You’re telling me to calm down?

I’m really hurt right now. – I’m really hurt right now! – No, I’m dying! (Garchomp snarls) – (announcer) Great! – Woo!!!

(pumped laughter) (Garchomp growls fiercely) – (announcer) Round Two: Fight! – I forgot… – I’m doing– – Wait, I’m not doing good! (Charizard growls) – Whoa, okay! – I’m really not doing good, guys. This isn’t good.

Will is, like, beating me. Ooh! Will is beating me.

– (announcer) Great! – Wait, what happened? Did I win?! I’m nervous.

Okay, now I’m really, like– I have mad anxiety. (Garchomp snarls) – Aw, now you’re mad, so I’m screwed. (both Pokémon growl) – Whoa, okay. That’s cool. – (Kaelyn pants) Oh my gosh, wait. Go!

Go! (Garchomp groans) As nervous as I am, this makes me have to pee. – What?! – Did I just win this game?! – What?! – Yo!

– What?! – I don’t even know what to think right now because I didn’t think I would win again. I am so excited! I can’t wait to tell my mom! – Thanks for watching us battle it out on the React channel.

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– Bye, guys! I am the Pokémon master. ♪ (old-school video game music) ♪