Irresistible Gambling

Life comes with a number of facets, with different aspects attached to cater to different purposes, means, risks and ventures, and probably sometimes with the full-fledged challenges. The challenge meets the eye, the risk becomes the bed of passion, the daring heart beats with that unstoppable rhythm that perhaps even counter the clockwork, and the invincible human soul taps into the journey of an irresistible roller-coaster ride – welcome to the world of gambling!

The charm of the gaming is embedded in the razzmatazz glaring of the casinos, the ostentatious display of the carnivals and the pachinko parlors, the beaconing of the unknown world where nothing and absolutely nothing except sheer luck can earn someone a fortune enough to materialize the sublime dreams. It’s like a black-magic, like a voodoo that captivates the human mind in a way that there is only one direction to move – forward. Its’ like an impasse; if you win, the mighty heart wants something more. If you lose, the stubborn mind won’t let you be washed away so easily as it is worth trying to test your destiny once more!

It is a shocking world where the mere betting can transform into an ensnaring compulsive gambling from where there is no turning back. However, it is sad to realize that often the gamblers do not recognize the omen and in the way reveal themselves and the people around them really vulnerable. The lure of earning a fortune also comes with a promise of costing a fortune and that one losing track can prove to be the beginning of a despicable nightmare.

The good news, however, is that several organizations have been set up to help and treat the gambling maniacs to help cure the disease as well.

Interactive Gaming Council

American Gaming Association

National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA)

Online Gaming Association (OGA)

Institute for the Study of Gambling and Commercial Gaming

Gaming and Gambling

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