How to bet on football accumulators

The easiest example of this is probably the straight win accumulator. Let’s say we pick out four teams from the Premier League and all four of these need to win in order for our accumulator to return eight profits. Now that’s going to talk about how we actually calculate the odds and the return of this accumulator. It is quite simple, you simply need to multiply all of these single event odds together, in order to get the odds of your accumulator.

So, in this example looking at the odds of 3.10, 1.57, 1.66, 1.60 multiply them together you’ll get odds of 12.927. So here for every ten pound that you bet on this accumulator, you’ll get a hundred and nineteen power back. This is what makes accumulator so appealing: It’s a relatively low stake or potentially big return, so that sounds like something that’s pretty good, but how do you actually go about placing an accumulator?

Well, once you’re ready and you picked out your selections it’s fairly simple. Just go to your bookmaker, click on the selections, take them over to the bet slip and from there you’ll be able to should have an option to pick multiple bet options or similar and then enter a stake in that accumulator field. And there you just need to then confirm your bet and your accumulator is placed. of course if all the events win then your bet is a winner as well.

So that covers the basics of actually how an accumulator works and how to actually go ahead and get best casino bonuses, so what we’re also interested in here is to get the maximum value out of your accumulators, so how do you go about doing that? Well basically, start off with like any bet really will advise you to try pick the best value bets you can find. Now, it might be a completely different topic in a completely different video there’s not enough time to go into how you pick value bets in this video we’re gonna do another video on that for sure. We also have in-depth guides on how to do that but a quick way around it if you don’t have the time to dig into the data or dig into the trends then we have people doing that work for you in the form of the bettingexpert tipsters, so we run a competition that rewards people for tipping and the amount of profit they would have made from their tips, so it’s in their favor to post valueable bets as tips on bettingexpert, so a great place to start is go on to bettingexpert, look at the top-ranked tipsters and see their football tips for the coming game. Now another piece of advice as well if you’ve got the best value bets you can find it’s also worth shopping around for the best odds from the different bookmakers.

And that’s where an odds comparison site like Crystall Ball comes in. Now speaking of bookmakers and their best offers, it’s also well worth checking out those bookmakers that offer accumulator insurance. Now there’s nothing worse than having gone through that process of picking your teams and then suddenly one team loses and you’re left there with a losing bet when it could have been a winner. So let’s say if you have five teams win out the sixty picks that’s not going to feel good. But there are some bookmakers that in that innocence will actually give you a refund on your bet. So check out the betting expert at free bets page for the latest on which bookmakers are offering accurate insurance.

And it’s also worth looking out for those bookmakers that actually have offers and promotions on accumulators specifically. So from time to time there are price boosts on accumulators to happen and also if you look at companies like bet365, they offer a euro soccer bonus, which actually gives you a bonus based on the amount of winning teams in your accumulator. So for instance a treble, if that wins, if the three teams win you’ll get 5% bonus – all the way up to 100% if you managed to pick 14 teams in the key mayor and they all win.

That’s a great way of actually maximizing the returns on your accumulators, so it’s well worth checking out that offer from bet365. Now all the details of that offer along with some more in-depth guides as well as some free tools to help you out are all on the bettingexpert website with links below. But we want to hear from you, what are your experiences of football accumulators? Have you had any of those near misses? There are horror stories out there, I’ve seen plenty myself, but if you’ve also had a big win let us know as well and what else would you like us to cover in these tutorial videos let us know. Be sure to stay in touch with us, thanks a lot for watching and as always please and gamble responsibly.

Did you know it was possible to make a profit on every single accumulator that you ever place in this video? I’M going to teach you exactly how you can do that? Okay, so a lot of people don’t believe much. Betting is even possible and when it comes to accumulators, this is it’s just compounded. People just don’t believe you can make a profit on every single accumulator that you place.

This is absolutely possible, depending on the method that you choose within this video, I’m going to teach you four different methods of much betting with your accumulators, one of them you can guarantee yourself a profit every single time. Two of them are going to be extremely low risk you’re going to get yourself a profit. You know ninety five percent of the time and the other one is a bit higher variance for those with bigger bankrolls, but it’s the one. I choose it’s slightly higher evie small, profitable long-term. We look forward to tell you all of them in this video. So before I teach you the four different methods or laying off your accumulators or for much betting, your accumulators going to tell you a little story about how things used to be done.

Nowadays, we’ve got lots of different pieces of software that help us place these accumulators that help us find the ones that are plus TV and they should make things a lot easier speed the whole process. So you know that everything is going to stick to bookmaker terms and conditions and so on. But when I started doing these things were completely different. I used to sit there on a Monday morning and I would write down on paper all of the week’s matches that were going ahead. The kickoff times.

It sorry wouldn’t be all the week’s matches, but they’re the big favorite. So any any team below odds of like 1.6 or so massive list of all those teams playing the kickoff times the days they’re playing who they’re playing against and their odds on different bookmakers and their odds on the exchange as well. You then go through and pick off the teams and place the accumulates that way of such a long-winded process. I would use a spreadsheet and I would have a new spreadsheet, every single cue I placed so that when I was calculating the bets, I would always make sure I had the right spreadsheet that rock time I ended up having thousands of spreadsheets saved to my laptop. This process was just completely ridiculous to think about now, but it’s how it used to be done. It used to be profitable bits still profitable now, but there’s just much more efficient ways of doing things.

Now the first method I’m going to teach you is the method that I always used to use when I was doing the paper-based format still popular today, known as the lay sequential so you’re going to be sequentially laying off each match, which means none of the matches. Can overlap in any way, so you need at least two hours between the kickoff times. You don’t want an hour and a half because stoppage time or any any injury delay really will mean, there’s an overlap, and then, if there’s an early goal in the next game, things could really screw you screwed up for you. So what you need to do is you need to make sure all the games don’t overlap. Well, I’m going to pop some links in the description for a few different pieces of accumulator software that I recommend, so all of the games will be automatically filtered for you.

So you won’t need to actually worry about that. The software will handle all that for you. What you do is you, you use the software. It will tell you exactly how much you need to lay against the first team out of the five or six that you’ve got in your accumulator, so you’ve got a 25 pound accumulator arm on five teams. The first state that you lay off will probably be around 20 pound. If they win, it will then increase the amount that you need to lay for the next match.

And then, if that team wins again, you you’ll click one and you need to lay the next team and each time it will recalculate the latest ache that you need, depending on the odds of the teams in question. If I’m actually loses, you have the option, you can choose to decide to lay against the free BET, so you will you’ll go over to lock in a profit. This way, you’ll be able to probably get yourself four or five pound or, alternatively, you could accept the loss and hope that all the other teams win so that you hit a cure insurance. All of this profitability with, if you emulate a bet in all, revolves around a current surance.

That is the way we make the profit. This is how we make these profitable and believe it or not. It’S the lower the odds of the accumulator, the higher that not like any other accumulator, what you you punting it off and hoping for the best for a big win, the lower the odds, the more profitable it is. This is probably gon na sound, really complicated to you on video now, but believe me, it’s so easy just to go in. You can set yourself alert so to just let you know, when each game set alarms on your phone or whatever to let you know when each games coming up and you just log on to your exchange and lay the next day off and you’re going to be Making up to 20 % of the value of your accumulator in evey accumulator so get a 25-pound one.

You can make five-pound an average 50-pound, probably admit 10 pound, I’m average. Something like that. The next method I’m going to teach you is probably the most popular now.

This is the lay sequential with locking, like I just spoke about in the last one, where you could choose to lock in a profit against the free BET. After a team loses with this one, you can actually lock in the profit the entire way. Now it’s exactly the same method: you’re going to have five or six teams that all play one after another on different days, perhaps and normal kickoff times overlap, you’re going to be laying off each team one by one, whether they win or lose until you’ve got either They’Ll until they leave it’ll win or until you’ve got two losses, but with this one you’re going to be you’re going to be guaranteeing yourself a profit each time, because the calculation is slightly different.

You’Re gon na again come out with between five and ten beyond profit, depending on whether you put in your twenty five fifty pound, whatever old and advised that any one goes straight in with fifty pound. A few minutes, because your accounts just gon na get stripped down. Pretty quickly but but yeah you’re going to be making that sort profit and I’m not going to go into too much detail about. This is the most popular method I would say, and yeah it’s really really profitable way, especially if you’re looking to get into accumulators and you’re a bit worrying about some of the risk that that can be involved. If you’re continually bringing in a few pounds, then things will be pretty easy for you getting forward a few pounds. Profit might not seem like too much to you, but when you consider the fact that some bookmakers will allow you to have more popular cumulate is running.

At the same time, you can place accumulators with multiple bookies. At the same time, you know you can guarantee so that ten accumulators a week twenty minutes a week – maybe some people doing serious volume book you can. You can do those sorts of numbers easily, as long as you’ve got a bankroll to accommodate that the liability can start to rack up if, if all your accumulators are going to the fifth game and you’re, asking to lay off at higher odds with a large estate To try and recuperate all of the losses from the previous legs, then you might have a bit of a liability issues to just make sure that you’ve got enough in the bank to make these off. The third method is probably the least popular method. To be honest, but it’s very low risk you can get.

You can guarantee yourself that these are risk free. You can make a nice profit on them, sometimes, but yeah most of the time, they’re a very, very minimal risk, and this is the lay at start. The reason this one is so popular is just because it’s so low effort – all you have to do is lay all of matches, write a start. They can overlap, it doesn’t really matter five or six teams all really low odds. You know that you know what you liability is from the start and you typically hope in that all the teams will lose if all the teams would lose. Obviously that is like a 0.1 percent chance of it happening because you’re betting on the heavy favorites.

But if that was to happen, you’d hear huge win. This very rarely happens and what you mostly hoping for is for all the teams to win or for two or more teams to lose. One team loses you’re not going to make very much money. You might make a few pens loss in qualifying losses, but yeah.

The reason that one is so popular is just because of how easy it is to do speaking of easy to do we’re now onto the final method, which I mentioned earlier, is my preferred method. I would only recommend doing this if you’ve got a higher bankroll and you’re comfortable with a bit of variance some people, even when they’ve got a big bankroll, I’m talking 10,000 pound plus here some people just do not like variants. They don’t like the thought of perhaps going on a losing streak of losing 100 or 200 pounds, but maybe even more yeah, but you really do have to be careful, because if your bankroll is only a thousand pounds and you start firing 350 pound only accumulators, you Could lose all your money at night? It’S not a joke, so be careful!

These they are close Evie. They are actually slightly better Evie than all of the other methods, and this is because you don’t lay the bets off so you’re, not losing any money in commission to the exchanges, even though only amounts to a few pence or maybe even pound per accumulator. It all adds up when you’re doing 10 20 30 cumulates a week. This evie really does accumulate the reason no leis are so popular is because they’re even less effort than all the other methods. You literally do not lay your accumulator. It will pick out the selections on the software that are profitable.

You literally place them and hope that they all win if they don’t win, then you’re gon na hope that one team based only one team that lets you down you’ll hit the refund and with that refund you’re gon na recuperate, most of your money back you’re gon Na get about 80 85 percent, your money back. This is high variance, as I say, long term. The accumulators that generates are profitable. This is purely based on exploiting the odds between the likelihood of the team winning based on the exchange odds and the after insurance. As I say, and you’re going to be making again about 20 % up to 20 % of the value of your accumulator in evey, if you think this video has been useful – and I do appreciate it’s quite complicated – to explain and understand on camera – and please hit That, like button, if you’re interested in seeing more much betting videos, then please hit that subscribe button and if you’ve still got any questions relating to accumulator button. Let me know in the comments below and I’ll be sure to get back to you as quickly as I can