How to Beat the Casino: Pro Gambler Martin Butterick

Martin butter eggs joining us he was a professional gambler for ten years the also ran a professional gambling t martin i get tons of emails about casinos about gambling about the ethics of both running a casino and of being eight ambler uh… i don’t even know where to start but i think a good good good places uh… off are there certain casino games where the advantage for the casino is is minimized or is it is it basically the same across the board ’em with craps uh… if you bet on the correct uh… combination tibet’s there you can get the the houses advantage down almost to zero so when you were a professional gambler what were you what were your games we would primarily play blackjack um… that is the one game where the player can get an advantage over the house uh… and so that was the game that we focused on okay so explain that because i think black jack in the emails i get is the one people most seem to think that by using a system where using a method error that there is a way to get an advantage over the house and i don’t understand it because my my understanding is if you type the house you actually lose your bet so how did how can you take that back mathematically and get the edge back okay well there’s a lot there’s a lot of information to to answer that question there in a nutshell the reason the blackjack is different than all the other games is back the outcome of the next hand is partially determined by the outcome of the last chance and the reason for that is because the cards that we have there were dealt out during the last count are no longer available soaker plan from a sixty x u you play a few hands some cards are gone now there’s kind of a different that you’re playing with uh… as opposed to the one that would be hella six-fold accent and there are certain situations then where uh… the advantage goes over to the player because of the the composition of the deck remaining okay so is this are we getting basically into the idea of card counting keeping track of the cards that have been dealt and kind of keeping a mental tally of of what’s what’s still left there or not is that where you getting up with this yeah that’s the most common way to use that that information uh… is through car coming uh… it’s kind of the easiest way it’s the more reliable way but nowadays it’s the one that the casinos are also the most familiar with so it’s kind of a double-edged sword there okay so how does that work uh… in other words number one what do you really counting.

When you are a card counting accounting face cards and also uh… why why is that not allowed and how is it in forcible especial sewing card-carrying basically what you’re doing is your counting the ratio of high cards too low cards and so as low cards come out of the debt and the deck becomes more you know kind of more weighted towards those tenzin aces uh… the advantage shifts over to the player and the other way around if if the kisses start coming out in greater proportion and there’s more to little cards left then the houses advantage tends to go up um… no reason i guess the reason the car coming is not allowed because these casinos are private businesses and they have the right dislike any private business to refuse service for a customer uh… thirty forty years ago they might have for a new in jail upper kar counting now it is that’s not going to happen but but they will ask you just not to play blackjack and and applied to play together games in the casino so as casino security has gotten more sophisticated over time powell what what’s the easiest way to spot someone who is card counting i mean is that someone who looks pensive there has to be more to it than that right oh absolutely got really there are way more sophisticated now than they used to be uh… they’ve gotten down to the thing that matters the most this when a player is raising his best that’s how hard counter is going to get his advantage because uh… me you’re not going to have the advantage in the majority of hands it’s going to be a minority of times when you have that opportunity and so to make up for all of the hands where you’re playing online blackjack games free for example at onCasinogames in a disadvantage you need to be able to bat a lot more when that opportunity arises so with that you know with uh… admin of computers in and automated software casinos are now able to just wrap a person’s betting and see what the advantages that they have on each hand and kind of evaluate them that way okay and has this done so in order to do that does that mean everything and that is being dealt every players activities being tracked by some kind of software or is it more the dealers sense of what’s going on in may be getting their supervisor involved it’s a kind of over see what’s happening i would say that it’s more the latter it’s more likely that the floor supervisor is going to select the individuals that he wants security to kind of focus on.

But usually it’s going to be the highest betters but it could be somebody that if if the form and notices some uh… some behavior that looks like a car counter yet bearing bats when when slow cards are gone and stuff like that then they could focus on that person because just too much going on for it because he has to pay attention to everyone so let’s get to the the the next question which is our their so-called systems that are straightforward that do work for someone who says this is my sister for example oftentimes people say well here’s my system uh… with blackjack it’s close to fifty fifty so this is this is what i’m told i mean so what i do is i’d make one bad and then if i lose i doubled the bat for the next ten and then if i were lose our double the bat and then eventually i’m going to win i’m going to win big are now i tried the math on that anything really seem to work out to me i mean how does that sound to you and are there the so-called systems that the kind of amateur gambler can utilize in the long run none of those types of systems will work so this type of system what it does is it allows you supposed to win uh… a lot of the time usually it’s a small when uh… but then upon occasion you’ll lose nine bets in a row and if you’re in a few went from ten to twenty two forty eight to eighty to one sixty and up from there and pretty soon you’re at two thousand three thousand hand or the table limit and you just can’t you can recover from it that-that’s exactly be the uh… the numbers that i came up with so in in the last thing in your experience it hard casinos and let the best left to just for fun that is it really just a place to stay away from a few real goals is to make money you know i mean if you’re real if you will go lawyers said try and make money gambling you need to either you’ll learn how to count cards at what work you know one of the other methods that are better would generally will legitimately give you an advantage other games like poker for where you’re playing against other opponents are definitely beatable uh… sports betting if you’re really good and you can make some money there as well it’s difficult because the houses edge is pretty big bear but other than that i think it’s just best saying okay if i’m gonna go to vegas and i’ve got this much money in a file is it that’s fine and if i win that’s great i had a good weekend yeah i think uh… i’m glad my producer took that line of thought a couple years ago he just uh… said you know what i’m his losing every single time um… i think i’m done with it of martin butterick out for a former professional gambler rank and wing team of really great to speak with you today.